Decorative plaster cornices were once a staple of architectural design, embraced as a defining feature of grand buildings from majestic palaces to classic townhouses. In recent years, contemporary trends and minimalistic styles have caused the classic plaster cornices to take a back seat in the design world.

However, with the recent revival of historical designs and architectural elegance, the decorative plaster cornice has come back in interior design, with homeowners and designers returning to this timeless feature.

Here are a few reasons why decorative plaster cornices make a swift and resounding comeback in interior design.

A Touch of Timeless Elegance

Decorative plaster cornices are an ageless decorative element. It’s true to say that plaster cornices were an essential component in the ornate styles that were a staple of classical architecture in the 19th and 20th centuries.

However, this doesn’t mean plaster cornices are only perfectly suited to historical buildings. As the trend in traditional architectural styles surges, plaster cornices have emerged as a timeless and elegant design element that has never lost its charm.

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Customizable Design Options

Decorative plaster cornices offer many designs, styles, and patterns that allow designers and architects to create personalized designs unique to their client’s tastes. They provide versatility, from the classic and sleek to the ornate and intricate.

The various choices in detail and size allow customizations suitable for modern to traditional designs and renovation alterations. Plaster cornices give your home a character that’s unmatched with any other interior design element.

Ceiling Definition

Decorative plaster cornices have been traditionally used to define the boundary between the ceiling and walls of a room. They provide a defining line, adding architectural interest to otherwise bland, simple spaces.

This element of plaster cornices is particularly significant in larger, more expansive rooms, where it can provide a subtle coziness by accentuating the ceiling height of the space. This feature is especially useful in spaces with significant wall and ceiling surface areas that showcase fine art, painting, and vintage light fittings.

A Boost in Property Value

Perhaps a lesser-known fact about decorative plaster cornices is that they can increase property value. For owners looking for an elegant and practical solution to enhance their property’s value, decorative plaster cornices can help.

It has been observed that many classic or historical properties featuring plaster cornices result in higher market value than newer homes without ornate basements and ceiling trims.

Humility in Maintenance

When properly installed, decorative plaster cornices are highly resilient and durable and require minimal maintenance. Combined with their ability to span across generations without losing their appeal, they are a reliable choice for discerning property owners.


The revival of decorative plaster cornices in interior design is a testament to their timeless appeal. They add a touch of classic elegance to any room, provide highly customizable design options, improve property value, and require minimal maintenance.

While plaster cornices may have taken a back seat in recent years, they have already begun to carve their way back into the hearts of designers, architects and homeowners. If you’re looking for a classic design element to enhance your property’s value with the assurance of their lasting appeal and a timeless look, decorative plaster cornices will be an excellent investment.