With minimum space, people have become more alert to make use of the available space in the best possible way. Earlier, people used to have big families. So, they had split-level homes to give privacy to all the family members. Gradually, the families became small and small. A small house with two or three rooms is enough to raise a family with kids. However, with changing times, people might not need extra space for family members but for extra activities.

This is the reason why split-level homes are making a comeback. After all, home is a space where you want everything according to you. There are various kinds of split-level designs; the unavoidable one is building a sloping block. So, if you are wondering whether or not you should install one in yours, then in this article, you can get in-depth information about sloping block and their benefits.

About Split-Level Home

Split-level homes have three levels: the ground floor, which is also known as the main floor, the top floor and the basement. You can enter these levels with the help of the staircases. Usually, these houses have one main staircase, which branches out to a flight of stairs to each level.

The main floor contains the kitchen, dining and living rooms. At the same time, the basement can be converted into a garage. Bedrooms and bathrooms are usually on the top floor.

What Is A Sloping Block?

To know whether or not you should build on a sloping block, it’s important you should know what it is. A land that has varied elevated levels is known as a sloping block. A block can be sloping down, which means its lowest point is at the road. Sloping up means the highest point on the road. You need an extensive floor plan if you want to build on a sloping block. That is the reason why split-level home designs are compatible with this kind of land.

Should You Build On A Sloping Block?

Building on a sloping block is totally fine if you have a sound plan for it. The first thing you should check is your flooring should look perfect. Or you should have a design that can complement the sloping of the land. Generally, split-level style house designs are more compatible with sloping blocks because of their split levels.

Benefits Of A Sloping Block

Incredible Views

Sloping blocks can give you an upper hand on having some incredible views. You can enjoy your neighbourhood’s scenery or see the skyline and city lights. If your house happens to be in a scenic view, then you can make a room on your top floor for dining. That place would become an ideal place to host a dinner party.

Unique Design

Building on a sloping block means coming up with a design that will look good with the sloping block. Therefore, you will have a unique design.

Ample Of Light

Since your home will be elevated due to the sloping block, it will be the prime location for light to hit first. Thus, you will have ample light in your house.


If your land happens to be on a sloping block, then you have no choice but to build on it. However, you can make the most of it by choosing split-level home designs. They can turn out much better than you expect them to be.