Spring comes after the long, cold and weary winters. Anything which is even remotely a part of a machine needs maintenance after this season. So, if you are seeking spring maintenance tips for your car, then you are at the right place. Just read out the tips given below that can help you take care of your car effectively in the spring season.

1. Check  Automobile Fluids And Oils

The foremost thing to do is check whether your car’s important components are functioning. Also, in winter that oils or fluids can cat jammed. There are six essential coolants, fluids and oils that your car may need. So check for those and top up your car with them if needed.

2. Tyre Maintenance

Your tyre might experience premature tyre wear during the springtime. The simple science behind this is that in winter, you need to constantly fill the tyre with air as the pressure constantly decreases. However, it is quite the opposite during the spring season. As a result, your tyres can experience overinflation. Also, if you are going for a long drive, make sure to have spare parts like spare tyres at your disposal. 

3. Examine The Battery

Do not forget to examine the battery’s life. You may see signs indicating that your car needs a battery replacement. Generally, a battery has a life of 4 to 5 years, but you should start looking for replacement signs after 3 years.

4. Check The Lights

When you drive a car at night, it’s important to have a sound light system installed in your car for safety precautions. Thus, change the lights that are causing any problem or are not working properly as you can’t take a risk with broken lights. Not having visibility on the road can cause accidents.

5. Belts And Hoses

Cold weather can cause damage to the rubber and harden it. As a result, you may experience obstruction while driving your car. Therefore, in the spring season, you should check whether the belts and hoses are in the normal state or if you need to change them.

6. Change The Wiper Blades

Spring showers result in less visibility. Therefore, you need to make sure that the wiper blades are working perfectly. Besides, due to excess use of wiper blades in winter, they get damaged, so replace them if you think there is a need for them.

7. Examine Alignment And Suspension

Due to obstructions on the road in winter, your car may experience compromised performance. Thus, it’s essential to check the alignment and suspension of your car. If your car makes squealing sounds when you drive it then there is definitely something wrong with its suspension, so look out for that.

8. Keep The Car Clean

A car is machinery which needs to stay warm to be in working condition. So, if the winter season is over, then it’s time to take your car for a thorough cleaning and clean all the gunk that might have accumulated during the winter season.


These are some of the spring maintenance tips for your car. Hopefully, you found them helpful. If you think your car needs a service, then you should check out the service provided by Midas Tyre & Auto Service.