Whether you are running a large enterprise or managing a small shop, in either case, you are responsible for its success. One of the key factors that play a role in managing a successful relationship with the stakeholders as well as the public is excellent communication skills.

Let’s understand what viral marketing is!

The double-edged sword is what marketers call viral marketing in their language. It’s similar to a viral disease that spreads quickly but it is related to marketing. A text message that goes viral to promote a product or encourage sale or generate interest in the product or service. This type of marketing helps in creating hype among the audience. If we talk about the real object behind viral marketing, it is that the urge of the product or service is so hyped that the user or the information receiver tends to spread the word.

Successful campaigns that are based on viral marketing proves to be a turning point for the organization.  Social media is the ideal platform for performing viral marketing because any news about business spreads throughout the world in a few minutes. One of the tactics that are used by marketer s for this objective is that they create short videos that are posted on YouTube and then shared on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and Snapchat.

Let’s understand what growth hacking is!

Growth hacking is a term that was originated for special strategies that are particularly originated for growth purpose. The objective behind growth hacking is creating such strategies that attract as much as possible customers to a business. It is usually initiated in the starting year of business when they aim to achieve much by investing less. The low budget strategy to maximize the outcome was termed as growth hacking by the CEO of ‘Growth Hackers’ named Sean Ellis back in 2010 and is now used as a name from building start-up strategies. A person who is involved in creating exclusive and creative strategies to induce growth is known as a Growth Hacker. Some people also refer to them as growth marketers

The growth hacker needs to extremely analytical, logical and observant so that they can formulate strategies that are best for growing the business; through retaining the current customers and attracting potential customers in the market.

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