With new technology coming out every day, we seem to be leaps ahead of where we were around 10 years ago. This is now playing to the benefit of those who want to construct a powerful brand identity. Research shows that there are around 1.17 billion users on the Internet, out of which 176 million of them are avid users of social media sites. This means that the biggest tool that a brand has is social media as it is the most cost-effective and the right way to grab their audience’s attention. This is why we have listed down a few ways in which a brand can create a powerful and strong brand identity in today’s time. You can also look into The Sphere Agency for more information and help in terms of strengthening the image of your brand.

  1. Conduct a brand audit

Before you jump into marketing, it is important that you conduct a brand audit. This means that you determine exactly who your customer is and where you wish to stand in the marketplace. This would mean that you will need to do extensive research within your brand which includes knowing the opportunities, threats, and risks within the business. You need to know where exactly do you stand currently. This means that you find out how the customers view you now and how you want them to view you after strengthening of your brand. You will also need to do an extensive competitor analysis to find out exactly who you are standing against and what they have that you do not.

  • Establish your unique selling point

Before the actual marketing, you need to establish exactly what you want the customer to see and how you differ from the rest of the competing products. This means you need to establish exactly why they should choose you instead of all the other brands they can choose from. This unique selling point can range from quality to price. This will help create a foundation for exactly what the brand stands for, what it represents and what it promotes, which helps the customers see exactly what the brand is trying to portray.

  • Develop creativity

With new technology, you also need creativity. You need to represent your brand in a new and different way. Make sure you get all the creative juices flowing and come up with material that represents your brand truly and speaks the message you want to give. This includes creating business cards which are very important for proper marketing.  Not only will this help you get customers this will help you sustain them as they will know what you stand behind.

  • Use various strategies

Here comes marketing. To strengthen your brand identity, you need to market to the right audience. By using social media, you really can create a strong brand identity without having to spend too much money or using too many unknown techniques. However, we would suggest that you use more than one strategy to make sure you get your message across.