We are living in a highly digitalized world, where every sector is under the strong influence of technology. From online shopping to self-driving cars, the world is significantly evolving.

 In such a high-tech world, there are still a few areas that remain untouched by technology, until today. The corporate sector, where digital marketing is ruling, still uses physical business cards. It is that branding and marketing tool that is not expected to be replaced by technology any time soon.

Many people question the use of business cards and are wondering why it is still so popular in every sector. Well, here is a list of reasons why every employee must have business or visiting cards, even today!

Genuine Networking

Making genuine connections is the right way to build a network. Digitally exchanging contact details is impersonal, and it does not help in building trust. Digital communication brings convenience, but it does not help in building real relationships.

For companies who want to build a network of genuine professional relationships must always make use of business cards.

Effective Direct Marketing Tool

When talking about direct marketing, business cards are one of the most effective techniques that the world is using for a very long time. The new way to market a brand or a business is to go digital, but none of the digital marketing can have an impact as significant as an in-person meeting.

Be it an airport lounge or a corporate conference; you can market your business and hand them your business card. It is much more effective then optimizing your business website according to a search engine’s guidelines or paying for every lead through PPC.

Builds an Impression

You can make an impactful first impression for your brand through a business card. A memorable business card can have a huge impact on your customers and clients. The more attractive your business card is, the stronger the impression you can build for your brand.

In addition to this, people tend to share beautiful and attractive business cards with their friends and colleagues. A business card continues to market your brand or business, even when you are not there.

Adds a Personal Touch

Handing out a business card to your client does much more than just providing the contact details. It takes a lot of handshakes and exchanging of greetings before one hand out their business card. It is one of the few marketing techniques that allow businesses to connect their customers and clients on a personal level.

With a Business Card, You Stay Prepared

Having business cards in your wallet will help you stay prepared at all times. You never when you encounter a potential customer or client. Instead of looking for a pen to write down the contact details, you can simply hand out your business card to them.

Printing business cards is not an expense that can worry you. There are a lot of discount printing services, which makes having business cards affordable for all businesses.