Face-to-face marketing has always been an effective marketing tool for generating leads. Companies tend to organize events under their company’s brand to interact with new customers and bring them on the same platform with the customers that already exist.

The event is basically a data capturing campaign in disguise that, according to many firms, is their recipe for success.

We are here to give you some of the most effective tips for generating leads and bring your business to new heights of success.

4 tips for generating leads through the company’s events

Tip #1: Provide interesting Content

Do you know that content marketing generates twice as many leads compared to other traditional marketing tactics? That’s not all, it is 60% more cost-effective.

From a perspective of lead generation, content is one of the first thing clients observe in a brand. Customers are always looking for useful information to makes sure they are generating awareness for their brand among the target customers.

Therefore, the company’s events are used for gathering information and conduct a survey on the opinions, perceptions, views and interests of the customers which are later used for creating engaging content.

Tip #2: Simplified registration process

One thing that your customers or attendees are going to hate is if you had a complex and difficult registration process.

If you want attendees at the event to have a pleasing experience, your sign-up process should be easy. Make sure that the process is not longer than one page, even better if the process is digitized, i.e. taking information on an iPad or some other tablet.

According to a recent marketing study, it was found that every step included in the registration process reduces 10% chance of a customer carrying out a transaction.

Tip #3: Content with the customers

Try talking to people at your event, create a connection with them. Try learning their interests and what they avoid. Ask them why they are here?  What are the reasons they attended the event?

Try to have as much verbal communication as you can because it adds a personal touch to the whole experience. It will also allow you to get a more detailed and in-depth understanding of the consumer mentality.

Tip #4: Trained Staff

Your staff at the event must understand their job is not just to welcome the guests, but they are actually sales representatives as well. They must be trained on how to tackle the visitors and what information they are looking for.

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