is a company that provides users with an extension within their browser that helps them make free video calls. It is mainly marketed towards business personnel and companies for video conferencing and mobile conferencing. This company also helps record all the meetings conducted. This can later be shared with your team, ensuring instant communication and better profitability and productivity for the company.

This application has been built to aid businesses fulfil their modern needs of video conferencing and aims to provide the best services it can. Slack, on the other hand, is a messaging application that is built around the idea of replacing emails. It wants to replace the idea of emails being the main method of formal communication and wants businesses to use Slack as the main source of communication. The company provides different applications to integrate with that to aid the workflow and communication among your team members. It is a chat room that is designed to resemble a conference room, where people can chat and talk about their work with each other.

Both applications, Roundee and Slack, facilitate businesses by modernising their means of communication. Now Roundee can be integrated with Slack, this means Slack now has a new option of video calling. You can now easily video call your clients, set up meetings on Slack and use slack for all other business purposes. Before people would need a different application to conduct video conferences, but now through, people can easily conduct their official business calls and video conferences on the app. This helps the whole business remain within one application, which makes the flow of work and all official communication easy to find.

Using on Slack is very easy. All you need to do is go onto your Roundee extension and look for Slack conference call. When you find the Slack Conference Call option, all you need to do is click the add to slack button on the application. You will then need to select the team you want to have a conference call with. Make sure you choose people who already have the application downloaded. After that, the last step is to authorize This will then lead you to the ease of calling and having a conference call with your team whenever you want.

This is a great opportunity for both companies. Slack will easily benefit from the new video calling feature that provides and has something new to offer its customers. While will also benefit greatly from this integration. It will result in them getting more customers and users of their application for video calling and conferencing. This will definitely lead to positive reviews from customers of both companies which is what both the desire of the application.