What To Wear To Your Next Dinner Party

Let’s face it: going out to dinner with a group of friends is more than just an occasion to catch up; it’s also an excuse to look great. A dinner party is an occasion where you can go all out with your wardrobe. But sometimes even when we have a wardrobe full of clothes, most of us struggle to decide what to wear. If you are the same, then continue reading this article to browse ideas and tips for late-dinner party outfits.

How do professionals decorate Christmas trees?

Christmas is just around the corner, and all of us are already so excited. It is time to take out your hidden bags filled with beautiful and old Christmas decorations. While there are so many traditions associated with the festive season, the most popular of all is the decorating of the Christmas tree. But sometimes, decorating can be overwhelming when you are trying to make it as perfect as a professionally decorated tree. If you are searching for tips and guides to decorating Christmas trees like professional designers, then you are at the right place.

So, continue reading this article to find out the four important steps for decorating a Christmas tree like a professional.

Fluffing the tree

The first thing you should do before you start decorating your tree is fluff up all of the branches.

It’s not the most enjoyable task, but it’s also the most important one. The more time you spend fluffing and shaping the branches into place, the less likely it is that your tree will have bald spots.

Begin by separating the tips of the branches. Pulling them apart and arranging them in different directions giving your branches a completely fluffy look.

Then, work your way around the tree, beginning at the base, to bend the branches into position and fill any big gaps.

Adding ribbons

Next, gather ribbons in a variety of sizes and colours to begin embellishing your tree.

We recommend buying more ribbon than you think you’ll need for this phase because only while decorating do you realise that you do not have enough ribbon.

For a professionally designed effect, aim to use 3–4 different varieties of ribbon for your tree. The width of the ribbon can vary from wide to thin. You’d need roughly 2 rolls of each style of ribbon for a typical 7 1/2-foot tree. Anything less than this will not adequately cover your tree.

Fill in the florals

You’ve already done the most difficult part by generously fluffing your tree and adding plenty of ribbon for texture and fullness, but unless you have the most expensive, high-quality tree, there will be some gaps and bald spots that need to be filled.

That is why we love huge flower picks. They’re a quick and easy solution to cover any gaps in your branches while also adding a wow element to your Christmas tree.

Fill up the biggest gaps first, being sure to evenly space the blooms around the tree for a professional design effect.

Decorating with ornaments

Finally, you’re ready to decorate your tree with the ornaments. Begin by placing your ornaments on your tree. Start with the largest or most interestingly shaped decorations and then work your way down.

Finally, put in the rest of your tree with smaller ornaments to complete the design.

If you’re dealing with the same colour family, make sure you have a variety of finishes to give your tree some dimension.

Final thoughts

We all have our own unique style of Christmas tree decorating. However, a well-groomed Christmas tree looks stunning in a living room. If you have a grand dinner planned and want to showcase your Christmas tree as the centrepiece, it needs to be professionally decorated. You can follow the aforementioned tips and steps to professionally decorate your Christmas tree without breaking the bank. If you still aren’t confident about it, you can buy a pre-lit Christmas tree in Australia to have a stunning, professionally decorated Christmas tree.

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