HVAC tech tools are widely used in construction sites. There is an excellent scope for HVAC technicians as they are needed in places where heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are involved. Beginners need some tools in their kit to get started. These tools are not expensive or heavy as they are used in basic tasks.

Also, when there is a need for more extensive work to be done, the employers provide the right tools that are expensive. Simply put, you only need to have essential tool items in your kit to do the surface-level work as an HVAC technician. If you are new at this thing, then you can refer to the list given below to complete your tool kit.


You need a hammer to install anything that needs to be mounted on the wall. A lightweight standard hammer can do a lot of basic tasks. For instance, a simple tinner’s hammer is enough to install UV lighting.


Screwdrivers are a must for anyone who is even remotely connected with building homes or anything similar to it. You need screwdrivers while putting together the pieces of machinery such as air conditioners, ventilation fans etc. Add various sizes of screwdrivers to your kit, as you are going to need them.


Pliers are used to hold, strip, cut or bend wires. They are also effective in folding other materials that need the grip of a plier.

Pipe Wrench

In order to do the task related to plumbing and installing furnaces, you need pipe wrenches in your kit. The sizes of the pipe can vary. Therefore, you need to have 12-inch, 10-inch and 8-inch piper wrenches.

Tape Measure

When you install anything, you need it to have accurate measurements to fit in the place where you fit it. So, to do that, you need a measuring tape so that you can measure the exact size of the furnaces, air conditioners or outlets that you are installing.

Cordless Drill

Drilling holes to mount furnaces on the wall is the thing which you will be required to do the most. However, you do not need to keep the drill with a cord in your kit, as that could be heavy. Instead, a lightweight cordless drill would be more convenient for you to work with. They are quite handy in cramped places.


A multimeter is an essential tool for HVAC technicians as their job involves being surrounded by electricity. The digital multimeter enables the HVAC technicians to quickly test and analyse systems and identify the problem. This tool also measures AC and DC, voltage and resistance effectively.


So, these are the tools that you must have in your kit as an HVAC technician beginner. If you have more room for tools and your pocket allows you to add a few more, then you can include other tools like a tin snip, tubing cutters and extension cord. You can also buy HVAC Tools – Asset Plant & Machinery online from here.