The available statistics show that e-commerce is worth $220 billion in the United States alone and it is growing by around 17 per cent each year. For most business people, the allurement of digital retail is lucrative to resist. If you are one of the many entrepreneurs looking to start benefiting from e-commerce, you should opt for Shopify when creating a store. Shopify offers numerous cart platforms for users. Here is how to set up a Shopify website.

Step 1: Create a Shopify account

To build your Shopify website, you will have to start by making an account. To do that, you just need to fill in the email address, store name, and password fields. After clicking Next, you should proceed to tell Shopify more about yourself by specifying the items you plan to sell and those that you are already selling. After you are through with that part, you will have to click the “Enter My Store” button.

After that, the website will ask you whether you would want to establish an online store or a brick and mortar store. Select the online shop option and click Next. The page that follows will ask you to enter your personal information including the name, address and the phone number – Shopify will use the details to configure the currency and the tax rates.

Step 2: Add your products to the Shopify Store

On your Shopify backend, you will get the systematical process that will help you set up the online shop completely. The first button will ask you to add your products and you have to click on it first. Fill some details like the title, price, description, and the vendor and fill as more information as possible. If you are starting a drop shipping Shopify website, this app allows you to easily connect and sync your product inventory with the supplies with ease. No longer will you need to waste time refunding or explaining to your customers why the product is out of stock. Syncee saves time and helps improve the customer experience with your new store.

Step 3: Customize the appearance of your website

After adding the products, move to the primary dashboard and click on “Customize the Look of Your Site”. The area will help you customize anything, including the colours and logo. The process will take some time but you should focus on the “Visit the Theme store” link.

Step 4: Setup the Domain

After selecting the design and template of the Shopify website, you should choose a domain to make the website official and live. Move to your dashboard and click the “Add a Domain” button. That will ask you whether you would want to register a new domain or transfer one. Select the domain you want. Specify the form of payment you would want to go with. After activation, go to the domain and see how your new Shopify website looks like.

Step 5: Activate the Payment Processor

Move to the left and click on “Payments”. The area will allow you to choose various payment processors like and Stripe. Shopify also offers a payment process that is easier to implement. You can accept as many payments and possible and put them in your account with the payment processor.

After the fifth step, you should have your new Shopify account running smoothly. Click on the “Launch Website” button to make your new store live. You should see your sales increase over time.