This is one of the most frequent asked questions when starting and organizing an office. Basically, the entire purpose of figuring this out is to see how much space will be required and what the costs will be. This is because the number of printers you decide to keep in your office has a huge impact on a lot of other things. It will not only require its own space and have costs, but it will also affect the productivity of the employees, speed of work and ultimately, the inflow and outflow of cash in your business. Toner City offers great deals if you are looking for printers. Here are a few important points to consider when deciding the number of printers you should buy for your office:

The Amount of Working Staff

If the number of printers in your office is comparatively less than the working staff, then there is going to be a lot of time wastage. The work will come to an abrupt stop and it will delay the workers from moving on to the next task. Worst case scenario, if any of those printers stop working, the productivity level will fall massively, leading to low output and less profit. Hence, it is important that you keep the printers according to the strength of employees you have. You may also rent a few for a short time period if the work load gets more for a limited time.

The Extent of Printing Required

Besides the number of employees, you also need to have an idea and an estimate of the number of papers that will be printed. The number of printers does not completely depend on the strength of employees, but also on the number of papers that they will print. This way you get to adjust all the printers according to the average number of prints by each employee. Hence, the print volume should definitely be considered. Now, if the average print volume per person is not that high, you can even get a single printer to share the workload of everyone or if it is high, then you can get them accordingly.

The Size of the Workplace

Another factor that has a significant role in this decision is how to spread out your workplace is – meaning its location. For instance, if the employees and departments are far away from each other, then you will have to share the volume of printed material among different printers. This is to avoid the time wasted in employee going to a far distance just to get some printouts. If the employees are close, then a single printer can handle all the workload. It will save time.

Privacy Required

You might also need to consider the privacy concern as the information that is printed is going to be different for each employee. Some information is supposed to stay within a certain department, and if it gets out, it can disturb the overall productivity and lead your workplace to really bad reviews. Lastly, there might be some documents that are more important compared to the other and need to be printed immediately, which can halt other print outs. You should also take the priority factor into consideration.