Social media and social networking websites are now more accessible than they were some years ago. Almost, every person has created an Instagram, Facebook, Whatnot and Snaptchat account. Even though most people rarely use the accounts on a daily basis, an Instagram account will help you remain connected to the world. With many followers on the platform, you will be able to promote your products and easily. If you want to gain over 500 more followers within 5 weeks, here are a few tips to follow.

Create custom Instagram Stories Filter

Augmented Reality (AR) is seemingly a space-age jargon but you will remain exposed when spending your time on the social media site. If you have already tried the heart filters or puppy ears on the Instagram Stories, then you have been using AR. In 2018, Facebook made it possible for businesses to develop their custom AR filters after the launched the Spark AR Studio for Instagram Stories.

Since that time, creative AR Instagram Stories has been increasing. When someone uses your AR filter in his/stories, the audience will be able to see the person who created them. They will also try to use them. Include your brand and make it shareable.

Collaborate with popular brands

The power of co-marketing or partnership campaigns for businesses is impressive. By teaming up with the like-minded individuals, you will manage to introduce a profile to the engaged and new audience you have never reached. A digital content agency will ensure that your social media content will reach a large audience.

After Instagram users discover the profile through co-marketing efforts, they will definitely hit the follow button if their interests are similar or they are the best target population. Co-marketing campaigns should not be complicated or expensive. You just need to choose your partners carefully. The method will increase your Instagram followers whether you are a smaller brand or a giant.

Branded Instagram profile

It is the right time to start paying attention to the appearance of your Instagram profile. The feed should be your first opportunity when it comes to making a great impression and enticing your target population to hit your “follow button. And because of the benefits the profile offers, you will have to be sure that it looks the best. Whenever a person comes to your Instagram profile, they will take a few seconds to make the decision of buying or not. By scrolling through the feed faster, reading the bio, or clicking on the stories highlights, they are able to make faster decisions. Choose a good photo; create an effective Instagram bio and active stories.

Use Instagram Stories highlights

Any highlights on the Instagram profile will provide a good opportunity for your new followers with the best content and provide them with a good sense of what your brand is all about. If you do not know what to post on the highlights, start thinking about the Instagram highlights as the landing pages of your website. If you are running an online store, create a separate highlight for the tops, dresses, shoes and any other product you are selling. Ensure that the icons and Stories you use are in line with the overall Instagram aesthetic.

Use Hashtags and the Location tags

Instagram launched music, GIFs, polls, shopping stickers, and questions feature. With the many creative tools, brands are able to get more creative with Instagram Stories when it comes to reaching new audiences and boosting their number of followers. However, you will have to keep the basics in mind when using the new tools. If you are part of the live events, the tools will help you shine and increase your number of followers.