It is important to keep things in the right place to find them when you need them. However, most people fail at this simple task because of a poor management system. The best way to overcome this failure is to organise your things correctly.

All you need is a tool chest that fits your purpose, and start organising your tools according to their use. If all this sounds complicated to you, then keep on reading, as ahead, you will find simplified steps to organise tools in a tool chest.

Take The Tools You Currently Have Into Account

Before adding new tools to your vanity, it’s crucial to look at what you have. Discard the tools that you think you no longer need. Clean the ones that need cleaning. Once you know what tools you have, you can select the tool chest accordingly.

Consider Taking Separate Boxes

If your tools are classified into old ones and new ones, then take two separate boxes for them. Keep the old tools in one box and the new ones in one. You can also divide the tools on the basis of their weight.

Store The Most Used Tools In An Accessible Compartment

Select the most accessible cabinet for tools that are frequently used by you. Keep them in an organised manner in that compartment. You can keep the least used tools far down in the tool box.

Store The Large, Heavier Tools In The Lower Section Of The Chest

Some tools might fall when you go through the toolbox to find a tool. If heavy tools fall on the light ones, they will damage them. Also, if god forbid your hand comes in between them, then you will have an injured hand. This is the reason why it’s best to keep heavy tools in the lower sections of the tool chest.

Keep The Lighter Tools In The Upper Section Of The Chest

Since you will keep the heavy tools in the lower sections, this automatically reserves the upper section for lightweight tools. Take the lightweight tools and keep them on the upper sections on the basis of their usefulness.

Label The Tools

In order to succeed and be efficient in your work, you need to implement some practices for keeping the tools organised. One such practice is adding labels to the compartments or cabinets. Labels can make your work easier and more efficient. This way, you will not get lost along the way while searching for one particular tool.

Not to mention, searching by juggling the tools can disorganise the whole tool box. So, to avoid all this, simply put a label on the compartments on the type of tools you have kept in them.


So, this is how you can keep your tools organised in a tool chest. In the beginning, it might look like a hectic task, but once you sort the tools and keep them in place, you will be surprised to know their efficiency.