The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many different changes within our lives. From changes in our routine to changes in socialization, the coronavirus pandemic has changed everything that used to be normal for us before. One of these changes has been the increase in digitalization since the pandemic started.

The reason for this is that as people were not allowed to go outside their homes to curb the spread of the virus, hence people stayed home while majority shops were shut. This in turn then led to an increase in digitalization, an example of which is viewable when you visit Advanced Print Scan Solutions for whiteboard digital.

Most magazine covers that were shot were sold digitally because no one was able to buy their printed versions from markets. Most news content that was usually printed was published online so people could read it as buying it wasn’t an option anymore. 

Below we have listed a few reasons why digitalization has become so fast-paced in this current world.

  1. Work from Home

To adapt to the new work from home policy amidst the pandemic, most companies have had to make their entire work system digital. This is because most companies would usually have files and paperwork rather than a digitalized universal system for work. Most companies would have in-person meetings rather than online meetings and even work was mostly on computers rather than stored online on the cloud. Now that work from home is a major driving force, companies have had to digitalize all their systems just so people could access it from all over the world.

  • Schooling

Due to the pandemic, in most countries, schools and universities were closed down and substituted with in-person classes. This is where digitalization played a major role. Before, in majority of the world, schooling was mainly in person or on paper. However, now with the new normal, children’s courses, books, and homework have all been digitalized for their ease so that they can easily study at home without any element of socializing and keeping their distance.

  • Online Shopping

As people were suggested not to go out too often and not to leave their homes, they began to shop online. This caused a major surge in the rise of online market places. All brands tried to digitalize just so they could continue with their sales and still make a profit in this pandemic. Most brands created websites or online stores or partnered with big giants such as Amazon to get their products featured. This in turn helped the world digitalize faster and more efficiently.

Now that we consider it, most of the world has become digital just to cater to the needs of the public due to the pandemic. It could be said that this pandemic did have a silver lining which is the digitalization of the world and the leap forward in terms of technology. From small third world countries to large developed countries such as Australia, digitalization has taken leaps and bounds since the beginning of this pandemic.